An Investment into the Future


Did You Know?


We consider private music lessons an investment into each student’s future.
How Are Lessons An Investment? 

We believe lessons are an investment in 4 basic ways:
1. Through the skills gained in our one on one lessons.
2. Being a part of our studio, as a cohort.
3. Through the opportunity to develop performance experience.
4. Through our studio, The Maple Leaf Music Company, specifically.

Benefits from Lessons
Did you know that just taking music lessons:

1.   Improves reading skills, increase vocabulary & language ability.

2.   Develops listening skills, aural awareness, abstract thinking, and imagination.

3.   Increase memory skills, builds concentration and attention span.

4.   Builds social skills, self-discipline, patience, and improves behavior.

5.   Stimulates and strengthens the same part of the brain needed for math and reasoning.

6.   Piano lessons particularly develop fine motor skills needed for writing.

7.   Lessons build confidence and emotional growth and makes for a happier child.

8.   Children who have music lessons score higher in their SAT’s writing, math, and science areas.

9.   Children in music lessons have higher grades, in general.

10.Music lessons develop skills that provide a firm foundation for learning.

11.Students learn to accept Constructive criticism.

12.Lessons inspire creativity.

13.Lessons give the student the opportunity to experience and see a marked development and growth in themself.

14.Lessonshelp students to gain and value Long term vision when approaching tasks

15.Studentslearn time management skills, how to prepare and meet deadlines

16.Students have the opportunity to become a more responsible individual.


Benefits from studio

1.   Students benefit by being part of a team/group

2.   Students develop friendships

3.   Students have shared experiences with peers through classes, performances, and events.

4.   Students engage in Co-creativity (duets, classes, songwriting) with their peers.

5.   Students are surrounded by young role models and learn to become role models, themselves.

6.   Our studio offers a 40-hour internship.  The internship gives students training in this career and potentially a job opportunity.

7.   Through our internship, students have the opportunity to teach at the MLMC as a Junior Instructor.

8.   Our Performance Companygives students the ability to earn College scholarship for performing at community events.


Performance benefits

1.   Music performance teaches students to deal with nerves and stressful presentation situations like in interviews and class presentations.

2.   Students learn to meet deadlines.

3.   Students experience their hardwork pay off.

4.   Learn to represent themselves and organizations publically and professionally.

5.   Students learn to manage tension and stress through performance opportunities
Specifically at The Maple Leaf Music Company

1.   Our mission statement states that we exist to equip students with the power of music.  We strive to encourage students to use their skills and talents to make a better community, impact their culture, and change the world.  We believe our mission statement makes us unique in that encourage each student to dream big! Over the long term we use their 30 minute weekly lessons to help them get a vision and use their voice to change the world.

2.   We strive to teach students the importance of ‘giving back,’ and howto give back using their musical skills.

3.   Through our various performance, artist development, and songwriting opportunities, we teach the students to stand behind their workand learn the importance of representing themselves in the best way possible.

4.   Through our internship program students have the opportunity to learn life skills and become career minded.

5.   We strive to encourage higher education and get the students, ‘college minded,’ through our Performance Company Scholarship Program.

6.   Through our Artist Development Programwe offer professional artist and songwriting experience.


Take a minute to think of all the ways this ‘Investment List’ has benefitted your student or might benefit them in the future.  Then, pat yourself on the back!  Great Job for investing in the student in your life!  We love your little student and love partnering with your student to invest in their lives!  Let us know how you have seen music lessons help your student, or how we can help out your student and invest even deeper into their lives!


Kacey Baugh-Lee


The Maple Leaf Music Company


Kacey Baugh-Lee

Owner of The Maple Leaf Music Company

Creator of Vocal Tonic

Author of, “Starting Your Own Teaching Studio: The Basics,” Book and Workbook

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