Student Events for the 2018-2019 School Year

Meet Kaylea, our 1st Ever Student Event Coordinator! Student Seasonal Event Calendar Please Sign up for these events and bring your money the day of the event.  Contact Kaylea Binney, our Student Event Coordinator, if you have any questions. 417-793-6691 Please let Kaylea know if you would like to be a chaperone/driver at any ofContinue reading “Student Events for the 2018-2019 School Year”

10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Musician

  At some point or another, I feel like, we all see an epic performance by a legendary musician and think for half a second…could I do that?  I’m here to tell you, you might J.  Being a musician, like any other profession, is attainable.  And music, like any other profession, has dues that needContinue reading “10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Musician”

An Investment into the Future

Did You Know?   We consider private music lessons an investment into each student’s future. How Are Lessons An Investment?  We believe lessons are an investment in 4 basic ways: 1. Through the skills gained in our one on one lessons. 2. Being a part of our studio, as a cohort. 3. Through the opportunityContinue reading “An Investment into the Future”

Top 3 Best Vocal Products of 2018

Hello Friends! I was just thinking about tall of my favorite vocal products out on the market, and wanted to take a minute to share them with you!  The Best Vocal Spary (Mine, of course :)) Vocal Tonic     The Best Pastille: Grether’s Pastilles.  Blueberry are my favorite!   The Best Lozenge:  Fontus Green AppleContinue reading “Top 3 Best Vocal Products of 2018”

2018 Studio Calendar

2018 Studio Calendar As of Jan 2nd 2018.   Subject to change.   January Saturday January 27th 12:00-5:00 pm-Performance Company Carthage Deli. 6 slots available. Don’t forget to sign up for the Talent Show (Deadline is March 6th, Show is May 5th)! February Date & Time TBD Performance Company. Joplin Avenue Coffee Date & Time TBDContinue reading “2018 Studio Calendar”

Community Caroling Event

  Saturday December 16th at 6-8 pm The Maple Leaf Music Company, is hosting a Community Caroling Event! This is open to students and and community members! We will be ringing the Salvation Army bell and caroling in front of the Carthage Walmart. If you’re interested in coming, we’d love to have you! Here’s WhatContinue reading “Community Caroling Event”

Using Our Music to Give Back

Using our Music to Give Back This Holiday Season we will be recording our Christmas Recital Songs onto a compilation Studio CD! This can be done during your lesson or on down time (when no one is using the equipment.) CD’s are available in exchange for a donation! The proceeds of the Studio Christmas CDContinue reading “Using Our Music to Give Back”