Internship Program

 The MLMC offers a business and instructor internship. We have had multiple students participate in ur program. We have had 4 students complete the program and actually work for us full time!

Our goal for this program is for students and families to receive a return on their investment of music lessons. 😀

This internship will teach them how to make money as a musician and entrepreneur the rest of their lives. It is priceless… and free 😀

See requirements below.

As an Intern:

  • You will gain real world experience as an entrepreneur.
  • You will receive hands on training, through our certification program, on how to own, operate, and manage your very own successful private music studio.
  • You may even receive an employment opportunity through the internship.


  • You must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Fall, spring, & summer internships are available.
  • You must want to have real world experience in music and business, making you a more marketable candidate for employment in this tough market.
  • You must want to be employed full time using your degree in music after college.
  • You must want to have a great income potential.


Internship Requirements for Completion:

  • Complete 40 hours of Observation.
  • Log Intern Observation  (40 Hours)
  • Completed Professional Portfolio
  • 40 Supervised Five Minute Mini Lession
  • 1 Supervised Full Length Thirty Minute Lesson
  • 1-3 Completed Parent References
  • 3 Completed Student References
  • 1 Completed Instructor Reference
  • ½ Page Journal Entry for each day of observation

Other information:

  • The internship is unpaid. But, you may receive credit for your degree through your university.  Please have your advisor or dean of your department contact me.
  • Internships may turn into employment opportunities.
  • Income potential: Up to $30,000/year 

If you are interested in interning at The Music House please complete the following:

  • Send resume to
  • Qualified applicants will then participate in an interview.
  • Talk to your advisor or Dean about this exciting opportunity.
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